I was a solo mountain bike champion and lead coach for Lance Armstrong’s Tour of Hope cross-country ride. A client of Rich’s, I became the co-author of the bestselling book, Executive Stamina.Joshua Seldman | Executive Coach and AuthorSan Francisco
Rich Litvin does fantastic work probing the secret of confidence. Rich is a fantastic coaching thought-leader. Listen to him – your coaching will be richer as a result.Michael Bungay Stanier | Best-selling authorDo More Great Work
The most valuable thing I got from Rich was the ability to see myself as having infinite potential. If you are considering coaching with Rich… GO FOR IT! It will change your life.Karen Portale, MD (Emergency Room Physician)New Jersey
Rich taught me the art of serving and the joy of astonishing my clients. It is empowering to have someone who absolutely believes in me. I now have more confidence and belief in myself.Jacqueline A Bennett MSc | Transformational CoachUK
Rich continues to push me to think bigger than I’ve ever thought before and the results are starting to pour in. Since beginning working with Rich, I now have multiple job offers coming in the door.Shane Metcalf | Executive CoachSan Francisco
Rich is THE man to coach you if you are looking to be more authentically successful, do less, achieve more, be happier and be your most amazing self. I created over $75,000 as a direct result of working with Rich.Evelyne Brink | Author, Performer, Coach, MotherUK
Working with Rich helped me gain a firm belief that whatever I choose to create, I will. Rich, you are one of the top 5 people who has most impacted my life.Jasmine Keel, ACMA, ACC | ZürichSwitzerland
Rich is a world-class coach and one of the most naturally confident people I know. If you’re ready to make a real and tangible difference in your life I highly recommend you work with Rich.Michael Neill | Internationally renowned Success Coach and AuthorSupercoach
Rich is a powerful force for inspiration and energy. He has an almost magical quality about him that makes it hard not to push yourself to grow and create more.Christian Mickelsen | Founder, Small Biz USan Diego
Rich is a man of deep authenticity, passion & courage. He is also one of the most skilled & intuitive coaches around. I strongly recommend Rich to anyone looking to take their lives to the next level.Jamie Smart | CEO, Salad LtdUK
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Seeing what no one else can see. Saying what no one else is bold enough to say. And why I Coach Kings…

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Discover the power of your word. And how a simple rule for life changes everything: Hell Yeah or Hell No.

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Sean Stephenson

“What the hell can a man who’s 3-feet tall teach YOU about confidence?”

Sean Stephenson was expected to die at birth. You see, he has a rare bone disorder and suffered more than 200 bone fractures by age eighteen. He reached a height of only three feet, and is permanently confined to a wheelchair. Sean has faced a ton of reasons to give up and endless opportunities to embrace self-pity.

Yet he is also a friend of Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson. And he is the most inspirational and naturally confident man I have ever had the privilege to spend time with…


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From 2008, I spent two years travelling the world interviewing what I called The World’s Most Confident People. Without a doubt, my interview with Sean was the most powerful out of over 60 interviews with some amazing people! In this interview, I simply sat back and soaked up everything Sean had to share about his own journey into confidence and his tips for creating a life of deep, natural confidence.

Sean is an incredible man… He has inspired millions of people around the world, including Tony Robbins and President Clinton. He has had more life adventures than anyone I know.


Sean is an amazing person with an important message.”- President Bill Clinton.


Despite or more probably because of all the challenges he has faced, Sean is now one of the world’s leading authorities on the deconstruction of self–sabotage. In his early years he faced so many reasons to give up and to doubt or pity himself. And yet he never did.

In fact…

He has worked in the White House; become an internationally renowned speaker; traveled across the globe; served on the Board of Directors for National Association for Self-Esteem; become a board-certified psychotherapist; and he is completing his Doctorate in Clinical Hypnosis.

Oh… and he has been seen by millions on Oprah, CNN, The Discovery Health Channel and in The New York Times. He’s filmed a tv show about his life and written a best-selling book, Get Off Your “But”: How to End Self-Sabotage and Stand Up for Yourself.

After interviewing him, I promised Sean that I’d read and review his book. And I have to tell you I LOVED it. My copy has a TON of notes scribbled over it from cover to cover. Learn more about Sean, here: livingatcause.com.